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Policemen stationed in NCKU campus are responsible for a. Security and discipline, b. Motor vehicle control, and c. Anti-theft and disaster prevention.
1. For campus security and peace, policemen are on duty at each entrance of the campus. Policemen also patrol inside the campus, timely stop, deal with nuisance, destruction, and mischiefs.
2. For motor vehicle control policemen will only let cars with permission to enter campus, so as to maintain quiet on the campus.
3. For anti-theft and disaster prevention, policeman will patrol the campus.
4. For events held by any unit of NCKU, policemen will maintain order, guard safety of participants, and timely treat emergencies.
Policemen stationed in NCKU also keep contact with public police system. In case of significant incident, public policemen will be notified to handle accident quickly.
5. Enforce safety of female’s dormitory areas and protect female student safety in the campus.

In order to co-operate with above, policemen offer 3 forms to efficiently process control.
(i) Application Form for Outsider's Car Access
(ii) Form for traffic violations in campus (in triplicate)
(iii) Proof of taking out property of NCKU
Establish anti-theft system supporting plan, to support the department and faculty that has anti-theft and anti-fire system.

If there is any policeman leaving his post, there may be no other policeman to fill up the vacancy. Because of this policy, some entrances will be under controlled by outsourcing security party.
In order to strengthen the implementation of access control, policemen will strictly supervise and provide regular on-the-job training to the outsourcing security units.
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